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You are a masseur or masseuse and you receive your clients by appointment.

Most of your customers want to know your availability, as well as many details about your services, while enjoying the utmost discretion and without attracting the attention of their colleagues, spouses, etc. If you can not provide them at the time of their choice, many will address the next name on their list.

Our website solves this disadvantage:

You define your usual schedule, your periods of absence or presence, the duration of your various services, the interval you want between each client, as well as the minimum and maximum time to make an appointment.

The customer can immediately see your availability and request an appointment. You choose whether you want to accept it automatically, or decide manually.

You can define in advance the questions to ask your client, and if necessary, give him some information (eg your address) only if the appointment is accepted.

In addition, the system can automatically update your google calendar.

Appointments by telephone are always possible. Just enter the information yourself. And all this works on PC, tablet or smartphone.

Are you interested? Check out our demonstration on

The application will soon be available in several languages.

You want to try ? We offer you a free month without obligation upon commissioning. If you do not want to go on, you do not owe us anything.

Register here or contact us for an appointment and personalized explanations.

After that ? A single amount of fr 500.- for the installation of your personal data, and a subscription of fr 100.- per year for the maintenance of the system.

If you are settled for a limited period, you can benefit from the application for an amount of fr 100.- per month, up to the normal price.

An additional option, tell us about it, we are ready to develop it for you.

If you have difficulties in French, we will correct and adapt your texts.

I will gladly visit you for a demonstration and personalized explanations.

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